The App Every Pregnant Woman Needs

When I was pregnant with my first child I’m sure I made everyone around me crazy.  I don’t have morning sickness…something must be wrong!  One eye looks larger than my other eye…I must be sick!  Why am I showing already!?  It must be twins.  Should I really be peeing this much!?

Those really are questions I asked my doctor.  I may have even asked a few innocent bystanders at the grocery store too.  Don’t judge.

I was a nervous wreck and I read any bit of information I could get my hands on.  Mainly that consisted of books, magazines, and a few websites on the internet.  If only I’d have had access to the fabulous app that Intermountain Healthcare just came out with called Baby Steps!

Baby Steps gives you access to week by week photos, information, and basically calms the nerves of any mother.  There is a connection to a community of mothers on the Intermountain Healthcare Facebook Page and to videos of Nurse Dani explaining away any strange, funny, and otherwise frustrating symptoms of pregnancy.  Like that bathroom issue just for starters.

It also has tools for taking notes, journaling, and tracking your baby bump as time progresses.  It wasn’t until my last pregnancy that I tracked the baby bump from week to week and I love to look back at those pictures.


 I also bought a baby names app during my last pregnancy.  The Baby Steps app has one already apart of it!  Oh, and did I mention that all of this is available to download FOR FREE!?  Think I can get my $0.99 back if I return that other app?  Yeah, me neither.

While the chances are good I won’t be needing this app to track any more pregnancies my sister has yet to give me a niece {hint,hint A} and I may just download this on her phone and see if she gets the hint.

Disclosure: While this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare, my opinions, stories and experiences are 100% my own.

My Glamorous Life as a Sports Mom

There are days that, I am quite sure, people think I have too many kids.

Today. Just for an example.

I went from having one adult per child over the holiday to having one adult total. I am that adult. Completely outnumbered and swimming in the testosterone flooded sea that is my life.

And with that sea of testosterone comes sports. Lots and lots of sports. Tonight happened to be basketball. Me. And four kids. By myself. In a tight gym where every inch of wall is filled with parents watching their precious children throw a ball as large as their head into a hoop at least 4 times as tall as they are.

To make matters worse all the kids were all tired, we were running late, and it was team picture night. You can just see where this is going right!? It’s like the building of a climax in a scary movie and you just want to yell, “Don’t go in there!!!!” I went in there anyway. Not that I had a choice.

So there I was dragging, pushing, and encouraging my children to move as fast as they could so we could make it as close to on time as possible. One of them still had ketchup smeared on his face from the very nutritious dinner of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese they had just partaken of. One was in mid tantrum caused by who knows what calamity. The other two were just looking on as if witnessing a car crash much like the adults around me who watched hopelessly as I wrestled with them. We get there just in time for pictures only to realize I had forgotten the order slip in the car which was parked in the farthest parking lot away.  I’m smart like that.

We went back and grabbed the order form.  Pictures went well and the rest of night was spent trying to entertain three kids while also cheering on the fourth attempting to hurl that enormous ball into space.  Ah, they do grow up so fast.  At least that’s what I hear.

And now the children are in bed.  And I’m watching this Brad Pitt for Chanel {SNL Spoof} video over and over again.  Oh!  And then there’s this skit with Bruno Mars.  If these don’t make you pee your pants then perhaps your day was crazier then mine!

Halloween Printables!!!

So I’m only slightly freaking out about all the new and totally awesome tricks I’m learning as I play around with GIMP, Picasa, and PicMonkey. I could seriously spend hours on PicMonkey.

So I’m by myself right now while hubby takes one of our little munchkins to a football game and the others are sleeping. It’s a toss up between Pinterest and PicMonkey and as soon as I saw the adorable new Halloween designs on PicMonkey I was hooked.

This is my first design and I’m linking the PDF for you to print on your own, if you so desire. I just hope it works!

Click here to print the halloween printable

Click here to print the candy corn halloween printable